Project Description

EnSo are proud to be the UK distributors for the wide range of Envicon diffusers, and to use them across our range of Ocean sewage treatment plants.

With over twenty years’ experience and knowledge, Envicon specialise in aeration for wastewater treatment in all types of application.   Their products are rigorously tested and offer a variety of bubble sizes and diffuser patterns to ensure maximum efficiency.   From industrial wastewater treatment to waste water treatment plant (up to 2.3million PE) down to domestic sewage treatment plants, their diffusers ensure that the waste water is treated efficiently and effectively.

60-70% of the total power consumption of a wastewater treatment plant is down to the costs of running the aeration system, therefore the more effective the aeration system, the cheaper it will be to run. We choose to use fine bubble aeration on our SAF plants, using Envicon diffusers which provide efficient and effective aeration in the system, therefore reducing running costs.

There are many types of aeration system available on the market, such as surface aerators, submerged venturi aerator systems or horizontal rotor systems and each have their own pros and cons.

A fine bubble system provides the best O2-yield [kg O2/kWh] and more oxygen direct to the biology in the system making it more efficient at processing the effluent.  Envicon aeration systems can work in a range of extreme systems (alkalinity, toxicity, etc) and work for a relatively long time (Envicon work on 7-12 years).  These factors keep running costs low for a long period of time and help to minimise odour issues, compared to some of the other aeration systems.

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