Project Description

This new build project incorporated a four bedroom family home with two additional on-site holiday cottages. The architects/owners of the house also ran their business from the premises so the system needed to be able to cope with a varying daily population.

EnSo worked directly with the owners and recommended an Ocean Classic 12 to provide adequate capacity for the whole site. This plant was installed completely below ground and so does not affect the views from the garden. The tank is guaranteed for 25 years and is CE accredited and tested in accordance with BS EN12566-3. The Ocean Classic also features low operational and maintenance costs, and with no internal moving parts is less likely to breakdown than some other makes. EnSo worked for the owners to obtain Environment Agency consent, completing the paperwork and liaising as necessary.

The owners were very pleased with the installation and the treated effluent quality of the plant, to the point where they recommend the EnSo Ocean range when submitting plans for their clients..

The EnSo Servicing Team maintains the plant twice a year to ensure that it continues to meet the EA consent standards.

EnSo’s expertise lies with understanding wastewater and how to treat it, no matter what the situation. Our systems can cope with individual houses right up to large scale commercial sites, such as hotels and care homes. We will always find the best and most cost effective solution for your needs.