Project Description

The Problem

Caravan and Camping sites often have huge seasonal highs and lows. Understanding the flows at different times of the year are critical to ensuring that off-mains sewage treatment works at these sites.

We have provided new treatment plants and remedial treatment plants for a number of camping and caravaning across the United Kingdom. This challenge is increased by the presence of a cafe or restaurant at some of these properties, as well as some which have onsite launderettes, shower blocks and other facilities which mean that the potential of kitchen waste entering the system needs to be considered alongside the seasonal highs and lows on sites.

Our systems can be designed with energy savings devices, which enable the amount of aeration in a plant to be adjusted to match the seasonal flows on sites. This saves money for the clients as well as ensuring the treatment plants are performing at their maximum efficiency.

The Solution: EnSo Ocean Professional

Ocean Professional Key Features

  • Bespoke design ensuring the best technology at the most competitive price for each project
  • Reliable and effective processes to achieve discharge qualities of 5:5:5 mg/l (BOD:SS:NH4-N)
  • Flexible Solutions:
    • Utilising existing site assets where possible to reduce overall costs
    • Upgrade of existing equipment
    • Stand-alone biological filters and nitrification filters are available
  • Below ground installation with minimal aesthetic impact (can be made suitable for installation under driveways and car parks)
  • Ocean Energy Saving Device available for up to 50% energy reduction at off-peak usage times
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Full after sales support


The Ocean Professional Range

The Ocean Professional tank range offers EnSo International’s process engineering expertise, providing wastewater treatment solutions for applications up to and including 4000 population equivalent. EnSo selects the most appropriate product to meet the final effluent quality requirements and incorporates existing site assets into the finished scheme, where possible. Using this approach EnSo solutions are able to achieve discharge quality limits as low as 5:5:5mg/l (BOD:SS:NH4 N).

The EnSo team utilise various technologies within the Ocean Professional tank range to ensure the best design for the project.  These include Intelligent Flow Balancing (IFB), Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF), Moving Bed Bio film Reactor (MBBR), Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) and Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technology housed within bespoke modular tanks. 

Each of the above processes offer distinct advantages over the other depending on the application, treated effluent quality, footprint and budget.


The EnSo Ocean Professional tank range has been designed with the developer and installer in mind.  All tanks are designed using robust and durable GRP or polyethylene.  Invert depths can be provided to suit the installation.  There is also a comprehensive set of installation guidelines provided with every Ocean Professional tank purchased.

Product Selection

The Ocean Professional tank range of products and services is application specific and it would prove impossible to generalise the description of plant under just a single category.  Each individual project’s needs are assessed and the appropriate plant is selected using the most suitable technology and equipment.  EnSo is able to cater for whatever requirement you may have.

New Schemes

With all new schemes, EnSo offer the most cost effective solution using either modular or “uni-tank” designs.  EnSo view every project as a bespoke design to ensure that the system is designed to suit the application.  This approach prevents over-sizing which is common when using standard products and design criteria.

Upgrades and Refurbishments

If your existing sewage treatment system struggles to achieve discharge consent or where site occupancy has increased, you may benefit by upgrading or refurbishing your assets rather than replacing them with a brand new system.  EnSo are able to offer complete refurbishment or full upgrades to existing treatment systems through the addition of more efficient aeration arrangements and increased process capacity.  This is often the most cost effective solutions and increases the operational life of existing treatment works.

Tertiary Treatments

Should existing process treatment plant fail to meet with required discharge consent or if additional process capacity is required, EnSo are able to offer a number of different treatment options to add to your existing system to enable compliance with your existing or new consent to discharge conditions.  These include additional biological treatment and filters to reduce BOD, Ammonia, Suspended Solids, plus dosing to remove Phosphate and UV for disinfection.