The EnSo International sewage treatment range caters for 6 to 4000 population equivalent, with high removal efficiencies, low energy consumption, low operation and maintenance costs and peace of mind.


Below is information on the different ranges:

Ocean Classic Treatment Plants


Developed to ensure high removal efficiencies for single dwellings up to small housing schemes (6-50 pe), the Ocean Classic Range provides excellent value for money and total peace of mind.


The Ocean Classic Range (6-50pe) of package treatment plant was developed with protection of the environment at the forefront.  The range is designed, manufactured and independently tested to the latest European regulatory standards (BS EN 12566-3), consistently achieving very high removal efficiencies and independent performance testing for CE Accreditation.  Low energy consumption, low operation & maintenance costs and a completely below ground installation makes the Ocean Classic Range the ideal product for specifiers, installers and end users.


Our Ocean Classic Range caters for wastewater generated from residential properties and small commercial businesses with flows ranging between 1.2m3/d to 10m3/d. Utilising the latest Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) Technology, with a modular tank approach, the biological process consistently produces a quality of final effluent that guarantees the end user will meet the consent standards set by the regulatory bodies throughout Europe.


Features of the Ocean Classic Range

  • Fully tested to BS EN12566-3
  • Effluent quality better than 20mg/l BOD; 30mg/l SS; 20mg/l NH3
  • 97% BOD removal efficiency
  • Robust polyethylene construction: the material of choice for off-mains drainage professionals
  • Utilises proven SAF Technology
  • Pressure treated timber kiosk supplied with every Ocean Classic purchased
  • Suitable for discharge into ground or watercourse (subject to regulatory approval)
  • Completely below ground installation
  • Minimal aesthetic impact
  • Simple and flexible installation
  • Can be installed in trafficable areas with suitably designed cover slab and access covers
  • Lightweight and easy to handle and manoeuvre (300kg)

Ocean Professional Treatment Plants


From care homes to breweries, hotels to caravan parks, the Ocean Professional Range is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate your individual needs.



The Ocean Professional Range uses EnSo International’s process engineering expertise, to provide wastewater treatment solutions for applications up to and including 4000 population equivalent. EnSo selects the most appropriate products to ensure the final effluent quality requirements and incorporates existing site assets, where possible, into the finished scheme.  Using this approach EnSo is able to achieve discharge quality limits as low as 5:5:5mg/l (BOD:SS:NH3)


The Ocean Professional Range offers products and systems utilising a variety of process technology housed within bespoke modular tanks.  As each of these processes offer distinct advantages over the other, we will review your individual situation and recommend the best solution, dependent on treated effluent quality, footprint and budget requirements. Details on these processes can be found in our glossary.

Features of the Ocean Professional Range

  • Process flexibility ensuring selection of the best technology for the project
  • Utilises existing site assets where applicable to reduce overall cost
  • Upgrade existing plant and equipment
  • Stand-alone biological and nitrification filters are available
  • Simple below ground installation with minimal aesthetic impact (also suitable for installation beneath driveways and car parks)
  • Low energy consumption with energy saving module (up to 50% energy reduction on fluctuating occupancy sites, such as caravan parks.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Full after sales support